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Never worry about hosting again.

Agile Marketing Collective provides WordPress hosting and website maintenance to clients around the world.

After watching clients experience unending frustration and confusion with their hosting companies, we decided to help them leave their tech worries in the past. Our agency has purchased and manages server space with our favorite, most reliable, and the fastest hosting company we know. Our website hosting is the fastest we’ve ever tested, and we offer full-service WordPress core and plugin updates, nightly backups, and powerful site security. Plus, our hosting pricing is competitive with even the biggest hosting companies out there (who are offering far-slower page-load speeds).

Eliminate hassles and reduce risk.

We make websites that you can maintain yourself. That is a core principle of our business. We want you to feel empowered, independent, and in control of your new website. With any website we build, our clients have complete, unlimited access to edit the content of their sites with a point-and-click editing system that is simple and easy, along with complete access to the back end of their sites (where the technical building blocks of the website reside).

But we’ve found some of our clients just simply don’t want to ever engage with the technical aspects of their websites. They just want to concentrate on running their business. That is understandable. We introduced these services for the folks who value the added convenience and time savings, expert management of their site, and eliminating technical hassles and reducing risk.

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We’ll host your site.

Websites are just a collection of files on servers, and when someone types in your website address, they are accessing the website files on your server. That is hosting.

Some servers are more reliable than others. Some are faster. We use the cutting-edge, ultra-reliable Google Cloud technology to provide amazing site load speeds that better engage and retain visitors (no one likes to wait), while also contributing to effective SEO. We do all this at rates competitive with the largest hosting companies in the world!

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We’ll keep it safe.

Proactive security measures can prevent catastrophe. We help protect your and your visitors’ data with powerful encryption. Your site benefits from increased security, visitor confidence, and SEO benefit with a rock-solid SSL certificate (getting you the “https” designation for your site.)

We also complete regular malware scans to ensure your site hasn’t been compromised. We are your defense team!

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We’ll keep it updated.

Every website needs regular updates. Whether to address security vulnerabilities or add new features, updating is a necessary part of life.

Our team will make sure your site receives core WordPress updates, your plugins are up-to-date, and we’ll check your site’s function after updates to ensure everything is fully-optimized and fully-functional!

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Illustration of website back up process

We’ll back it up.

We’ll back up your site every night and keep thirty copies in an archive for you. With one click, you can restore an old version of your site, just like new.

Let your website serve you, not the other way around.

For some, complete, affordable website technical management is only a dream. Access to thirty site backups and a one-click restore of your website (if a problem occurs) can provide a lot of reassurance. Blazing fast site loading speeds retain more visitors and contribute to effective SEO. Proactive security measures can prevent catastrophe. We can provide all of that for our customers. Make our technical team your technical team.