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Agile provides web design in Roanoke, VA for clients around the world.

Website ideas mocked-up in Photoshop.

So, it’s 2019. You need a website, and a great one at that. 61-88% of consumers will research a planned purchase online before ever visiting a store or consulting with another human being. Your first-impression on a potential client is, well, on your website.

That is why we place a big emphasis on web design and web development. But we're not simply web designers...we're marketers first. We excel at making your first impression something that informs, impresses, and converts your potential client into a valuable customer. We develop websites that focus on engagement of your target audience in an elegant, eye-catching format that not only delivers interesting and meaningful content, but also challenges your audience to act on that information. We’ll create the entire site, connect your current domain and hosting service, and test it extensively to ensure perfection.

We create stunning desktop and mobile designs that custom-scale to fit any screen size [and Google ranks responsive sites the best for search engine optimization (SEO)]. We also favor web design options that empower you with maximum latitude and editing power of your squeaky-clean new website...we can set you up to add content and manage every part of your website, all without a single line of code, if you'd like! We also offer full-service website management services if you would prefer.

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