Fink's Jewelers

Web Design, Branding, And Ecommerce Campaign

“Mike is a true visionary. Beyond developing and designing our website, he helped us see the potential of our online business. Given that we have an in-house marketing department, Mike worked alongside our team to guide and strategize, while building a site that we could manage day-to-day, keeping our reoccurring costs down and our efficiency high.”  Lindsey Sinozich, Marketing Director, Fink’s Jewelers

Fink's Jewelers is a premier, family-owned jewelry retailer based here in Roanoke, VA. As one of America’s “Top 50” jewelers, Fink’s now operates 14 stores throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Fink’s Jewelers continues to offer the largest selection of the industry’s most sought-after brands. And as many of the most successful businesses do, they understand the importance of leveraging technology, digital marketing, and strong search engine optimization (SEO). As they looked to expand their e-commerce offerings, they knew their website needed to be user-friendly, responsively scale to different screen and device sizes (mobile friendly!), and present their brand in the best possible light.

Fink's Jewelers has a fantastic marketing department. We were honored to partner, collaborate, consult, and also design a powerful web-based platform to boost in-store and online sales. Agile Marketing Collective went to work interviewing folks from each department, understanding their needs and desires, and creating a plan to accomplish these goals through a digital marketing platform.

The Results

We want to be discreet and maintain the confidentiality of our here are the high level results: Fink's Jewelers' new website increased overall traffic, and way more than half of that traffic is coming straight from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. To make these results even more exciting, we successfully targeted our search traffic around where Fink's Jewelers has physical store locations to maximize both store visits and online sales.

We were also able to create a slick find-a-store platform where users can sort by brand, find their closest location and even get detailed directions without ever leaving the site. And maybe the best of all, Fink's Jewelers has full access to their website - they are able to change absolutely everything on their website without a line of code. All of their editing options are point-and-click, and they are loving the freedom and control they have over their site!