“Agile delivered superb work, and I am very pleased with the final result. Mike is great about deadlines and knowledgeable in his field. Communication was fast and easy. He really went over and above to create a fantastic website; I recommend Agile all the time.” — Jen Phillips, Owner & CEO, ObiMama

ObiMama: Online Sales Tools Creation

On the outside, ObiMama might look like a small operation...but don't let them fool you. They have a rabid international following. ObiMama hand-creates the very best baby-carriers that money can buy, and they make the most fun, creative, comfortable, versatile, and functional baby carriers on the market. And while this popularity drives enormous sales, this same popularity created enormous problems for the business. Pre-announcing when new products would be available led to all the carriers selling out in seconds. This produced double and triple sales of the same items because the system couldn't keep up...and the owner had to deliver very unhappy news to loyal and excited customers that they didn't get the carrier they thought they'd scored. The company also spent precious time processing refunds and apologizing for the heartache. In fact, ObiMama often had to resort to stocking their store at random times of the day or even selling tickets to have a CHANCE to buy one of these amazing baby carriers.

So why did they hire us? Great question. And we're glad you asked it.

ObiMama was swamped with demand, but they were still selling their pricey baby carriers on a one-size-fits-all online marketplace. Their sales process was very tedious and time consuming. Their online platform often didn't capture the necessary information from the customer. So, they asked us to create them a vibrant, informative website that could easily handle their sales volume. So we did.

Our team created a custom website that houses an incredible amount of information in a clean, logical interface. We were able to organize and clearly explain the vast details of the ObiMama's product line, funnel visitors to the online store, and even create a custom-ordering solution that had evaded ObiMama for years.

Plus, ObiMama was our first ever client, so they hold a special place in our hearts.

To make things even better, the owner of the company has made massive, evolving changes to the site as the business has changed...all by herself...which is one of the reasons we're so careful to give you CODE FREE editing access to your website.