Fit Studio: The best gym in Roanoke, VA.

Agile Marketing Collective helps Fit Studio in Roanoke, Virginia with their branding and logo, web design, SEO, photos, and print.

“The website and support that we have received from Agile Marketing Collective has been a game changer for our business. Mike captured the vision we had, and put it to work for us almost immediately. We could not have imagined a better website!” — Jason Woolard, Co-Owner, Fit Studio

Fit Studio embraces memorable branding.

Of all the sites we’ve made over the years, Fit Studio’s is likely our most asked-about creation (click here to see it for yourself). But Fit Studio gets the credit for that. From day one, they embraced an edgy, memorable, paint-splattered theme for their site, and this concept has served them for many, many years as their gym has grown into a massive powerhouse. As we’ve updated the content to reflect their growth and continually-improving offerings to clients, we’ve never touched the underlying concept of the site…it just keeps working, and people love it.

Start at the beginning.

Here’s one small sliver of what we did for Fit Studio: When considering gym memberships, most people will first turn to Google or a similar search engine to get the lay of the land. Our market research showed that folks looking for the right gym aren’t quite sure they actually want to join a gym at all…so we went to work addressing these concerns right on the homepage. Once we helped these potential clients discover the benefits, we helped them understand why their gym choice matters, and why Fit Studio is the very best solution to their fitness needs.

This gym was built on SEO.

This website is extremely effective at converting visitors into new clients…but we also put in the work getting them to the site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fit Studio let us know that their number one goal was to market their incredible personal training services…so we helped them by optimizing their SEO for (among other things) personal training. The results have driven Fit Studio’s revenue through the roof. Their phone was ringing from folks who found them through search engines like Google, Bing, etc. (and had never heard of Fit Studio before!), and the vast majority of them signed up on the spot!

We’ve also created some pretty slick print designs to accentuate and communicate their unique brand and drive business. We love Fit Studio and are so lucky to have them as clients.

Nice to meet you.

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We have nice clients.

Here are a few nice things people have said about us. We try to live up to them every single day.

“Mike is a true visionary. Beyond developing and designing our website, he helped us see the potential of our online business. Given that we have an in-house marketing department, Mike worked alongside our team to guide and strategize, while building a site that we could manage day-to-day, maximizing our efficiency with minimal recurring cost.”

Lindsey Sinozich

Marketing Director, Fink's Jewelers

“Mike was willing to express his seasoned and professional opinion without being dismissive of things that felt particularly important to us as the client. When Mike needed to, he made sure we realized any trade-offs in a decision by providing clear reasoning and significant experience to back it up.  This created a level of confidence in Mike, and in any final decisions we made.”

Peter Baur

Head of School, Faith Christian School

“Finding Agile was a lucky day for us. From the moment we met Mike, it was clear we would work very well together. Mike is a great and patient listener, wise advisor, and super talented marketer. The vision and creativity that Mike has proposed far exceeded our expectations! We have gone with every idea he’s had and couldn’t be happier.”

Clay Skelton

President, ORIGOSafeDriver