“The website and support that we have received from Agile Marketing Collective has been a game changer for our business. Mike captured the vision we had, and put it to work for us almost immediately. We could not have imagined a better website!” — Jason Woolard, Co-Owner, Fit Studio

Fit Studio: A Great SEO Success Story

Fit Studio offers three massively different fitness strategies that cater to three massively diverse target clients. Agile Marketing Collective accepted the challenge, and the results of our partnership have been rewarding. We completed "The Full Monty" for Fit Studio, including a marketing assessment and marketing plan, logo design, an entirely redesigned website, print materials, posters, shirts, and more..

Here's one small sliver of what we did for Fit Studio: When considering gym memberships, most people will first turn to Google or a similar search engine to get the lay of the land. Our market research showed that folks looking for the right gym aren't quite sure they actually want to join a gym at all...so we went to work addressing these concerns right on the homepage. Once we helped these potential clients discover the benefits, we helped them understand why their gym choice matters, and why Fit Studio is the very best solution to their fitness needs.

This website was extremely effective at converting visitors into new clients...but we also put in the work getting them to the site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fit Studio let us know that their number one goal was to market their incredible personal training services...so we helped them by optimizing their SEO for (among other things) personal training. The results have driven Fit Studio's revenue through the roof. Their phone was ringing from folks who found them through search engines like Google, Bing, etc. (and had never heard of Fit Studio before!), and most of them signed up on the spot!

We've also created some pretty slick print designs to accentuate and communicate their unique brand and drive business. Overall, this total rebranding was a great success!