Do The Next Thing | Episode One | Video Web Series

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Over the past twelve months, our company has ventured into an open evolution of how we holistically approach marketing. We called our methodology a lot of things along the way, but it was really always "Do The Next Thing." It just took us a little while to figure that out.

This methodology had to be "Do The Next Thing" because simplicity and practicality go hand-in-hand. You already know that some of self-improvement and empowerment mantras can be short-lived. Once the hype washes away, you find yourself looking for a fresh dose of empowerment. And there you are, scrolling through the self-help section on Amazon. There goes another fifteen dollars to reset the motivation clock. And that is just sad.

That's why instead of inventing a marketing philosophy, we just simply observed our own behavior when we were most-productive, exhibiting the best customer service, and turning out our best work. We observed clients and friends we greatly and women setting a wonderful example as business owners and overall terrific human beings. We asked them questions, took notes, and tried their habits on for size.

And we realized something valuable: Great marketing comes from momentum...from a series of intentional actions moving you in the right direction.

When we say it like that, it seems obvious, doesn't it? But the day-to-day fears and insecurities of life and leadership can bring that "Do The Next Thing" marketing-momentum to a skidding halt. Great marketing can be stamped out by fear and insecurities that go unchecked.

If we get overwhelmed by the big picture and can't break our goals into bite-sized pieces, if we become a slave to paralyzing-perfectionism, if we fear our efforts will be wasted, or many other thoughts swirling in our head...we are missing an opportunity to build something incredible, one brick at a time.

"Do The Next Thing" is a way to bypass our fears and create meaningful momentum...the type of momentum that builds strong, healthy businesses with powerful, consistent messaging.

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